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Client List Includes: Abbott Laboratories, Alcoa Aluminum, Alawai Tunsi & Brothers Hospital, Accudata Systems,Air Force Institute of Technology, Amalgamated Sugar, Allen Canning, Archer Daniels Midland, Boeing, Boom Town Casino, Carleton College, Canadian Embassy, Chugach, Chevron Texaco, Chicago Tribune Company, Children's Hospital Med Ctr, Citizens National Bank, Clorox Products, Corning Inc., Compaq Computers, Continental Dental, Cox Cable, DCA Logistics, Department of Defense, Experience Music Project, F A A Goverment, First Calgary Savings, Flav-O-Rich Dairies, LLC, Ford Motor Company, Fort Bliss, General Dynamics, Greenpeace, Hastings Race Course, Haynes International, Honeywell Aerospace, Jamestown Regional Medical Center, Kearney & O'Banion, Lawrence Livermore, Lernout and Hauspie, Littleton Historical Museum, Los Alamos National Laboratory, LSG SkyChefs, Magee-Womens Hospital, Malone College, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, Mobil Oil, Motorola ICSD Division, National Endowment for the Humanities, New Regency Films. Northrop Grumman, NutraSweet Corp., Okeechobee Federal Court Bldg, ONIZUKA CESJV - AIR FORCE, Paine Webber, click on client list for additional information

Engineered Soundmasking Music CD's
Soundmasking Music MP3 Docking System
The Masker
$ 529.75

Sound Masking White Noise Generator covers 625sq ft
White Noise
Sound  Masker
Portable Self-Contained
Sound Masking
Online ordering

Soundmasking Speakers with Mounting HardwareSoundmasking Speakers with Mounting Hardware
Soundmasking Speakers with Mounting Hardware
Soundmasking Speakers with Mounting Hardware
Soundmasking Generator 20 Watt Amplifier
"Do-it-yourself" Installation
Soundmasking Kit

$ 1,832.00 Purchase On-Line
Complete Sound Masking
Building System

Sound Masking Speakers above the ceiling (in the plenum)
Computerized Soundmasking Generator - Equalizer with 8 memories

Building System
Handles up-to 12k sq ft

Unlimited Expandability
(Model HE-1)
$ 3,962.00 Click to Purchase
Play AVLELEC's Sound Masking CD through your computer for conversation privacy
Once Removed Jazz Blues Fusion Band
Once Removed
Jazz / Blues / Fusion
Michael Stanwood - The Portal
Avante Gard
Chamber Blues Soundmasking CD
Chamber Blues

Above Ceiling Speakers
(hanger-suspended) for Sound Masking

SM805 Series 8 inch 12W masking driver
in 700 backbox $ 116.43

SM810 Series 8 inch 15W masking driver
 in 700 backbox $ 119.43
2-Channel Zone Power Amplifier

Add Zones
Tel. Paging Soundmasking Music

35 to 240 Watt Mixer Power Amplifiers for Zoning
Paging Horn
Weather Resistant Speaker

Wide selection of Loudspeakers to provide Clear and Consistent Reproduction of
Voice and Music

Tile Speakers with Patented Paging driver (down) & Masking driver (up) wired in 1400 divided backbox with grille.

LTSM Series with 1' x 2' grille include paging driver (12W, 15W or 20W) & masking driver (12W or 15W) in backbox assembly.

LTSM Series with 2' x 2' grill include paging driver (12W, 15W or 20W) & masking driver (12W or 15W) in backbox assembly.

SMG Series


use with existing
Paging by adding
our sound masking
generators / amplifiers

Paging over Soundmasking

Soundmasking & Paging
Automatic Volume Control

Monitor your
Soundmasking / Paging System

or any Low Voltage System
to be alerted if it is not " ON "

Panasonic KX-TS4100B
Analog Firewall

FWA101H (TSG 5S0204)
US Government approved (NSA Labs) secure telephonic �Disconnect/Isolation�

Use stand-alone or with our Card Access Database Recording System
Biometric Reader for
Turnstile Access

Biometric Reader Image

Biometric Hand Scanner
Handkey II

Replaces TUT-60ES and TUT-70 Series with Upgrades and Additional Features New for 2007Optics with Platform

Card Access Turnstiles
Covert Security Gates



Card Access with Time & Attendance Tracking
AVL Card Access Systems
Readers and Keypads
Equipment Racks to hold your equipment
Racks to hold your equipment, inc.
8641 South Warhawk Road, Conifer Colorado  80433
Tel: 303-670-1099 ext. 11 * FAX: 303-679-8949

Inverse  Noise  Reduction  Cancellation  Systems


White Noise

B-Quiet sound deadeninwide selection of loudspeakers to provide clear and consistent reproduction of voice and music g materialin buildings of all types including offices, airports, hotels, casinos, stadiums, arenas and sporting facilities, exposition halls, government buildings, schools, manufacturing and distribution centers, warehouses, grocery stores, shopping centers, restaurants, broadcast facilities, hospitals and professional office suites

sound dampening



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